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On this page we inform you about the green loan. It is a credit that you can take out if you want to make an existing home more sustainable and / or implement energy-saving measures. This type of loan should not be confused with the renovation loan.

Green loans, for example, shut down consumers for the financing and installation of solar panels, the installation of a hot water boiler or for taking other energy-saving measures such as isolating a home. The conditions of the green loan may differ per lender. For these ‘green loans’, lenders almost always charge lower interest rates. That is the immediate advantage of this type of loan.

How does a green loan work?

You take out a green loan for sustainable investments in your own home. This allows you to save on your energy costs. With such a credit you purchase solar panels, a heat pump or install cavity wall insulation. You can immediately start saving on your energy costs. The loan has a fixed term and a fixed interest rate. You pay a fixed amount every month. With these loans you immediately lower your energy bill. It is possible to recoup your green investment in a few years!

What are the benefits of green loans?

You make an energy-saving investment in your home with the help of a green loan. You will immediately receive a financial benefit for this. Because the interest rate on green loans is usually lower than that of regular loans. But you also save considerably on your energy costs. That is perhaps the most important advantage. You can therefore earn back your investment. And of course, green loans are not only good for your wallet, you also contribute to a cleaner environment!

Generate your own energy with loan solar panels

Most consumers request green financing for the purchase of solar panels. Do you also want to install solar panels? Then apply for a loan of solar panels. Usually you use a personal loan, better known as an installment loan. You will then fully deposit the loan amount into your bank account in one go. You then pay a fixed amount of interest and repayment every month.

Isolate house with energy loan

If you want to insulate your home, you can use an energy loan. You invest sustainably in your home and can save a lot of money on energy. You can isolate your home in multiple ways. Always advise yourself about this. Make sure that your roof is well insulated.

Have roof insulation applied

Because a roof without good insulation is a giant energy spiller. It may cost you a few hundred euros on an annual basis for extra heating costs. Even if your roof is moderately insulated, it is wise to improve this as soon as possible.

Save energy with facade insulation

Non-insulated exterior walls can also be insulated. Insulating external walls is called facade insulation. The house can thus retain its heat much better, which is of course good for the environment and for your wallet. With front walls on the inside of your façade you can easily save on energy costs. Do not forget to have insulating glass (eg HR ++ glass) installed!

Floor insulation for more comfort

The advantage of good floor insulation is that it immediately provides a lot of comfort. The floor feels less cold. In addition, you also feel much less draft. As a result, the temperature in your home will also be much more even. A well insulated floor quickly saves money from 150 to 200 euros on an annual basis. However, this differs per home and depends on your heating behavior.

How much money will you save on a green loan?

If you decide to take out a green loan so that you can make energy-saving investments in your home, then that immediately yields money. After all, you consume much less energy. With an energy-efficient house, you can save hundreds of thousands of euros on heating costs per year. With solar panels and a hot water pump you can even live energy-neutral. You are no longer dependent on energy suppliers. You can take out a green loan for the purchase of solar panels and a hot water pump.

Tax benefits for an energy loan?

Unfortunately, in 2017 you can no longer benefit from additional tax benefits when taking out an energy loan. You may be able to deduct the interest from your loan from the tax on the taxable income in box 1.

Can I apply for a subsidy for solar panels or a hot water pump?

Request a subsidy from your municipality for installing solar panels on your roof or installing a hot water pump, which is unfortunately no longer possible. However, applying for a green loan for green improvements to your home does make sense. With green financing you benefit from a much more attractive interest rate. You can read more about this below.

‘Green borrowing’ at Bank

Bank is a subsidiary of the ABN Amro. You can apply for a special green loan from Bank. This allows you to finance all kinds of sustainable investments in your home. On the website of Bank you can check how much the loan costs and how much you can save on your energy bill.