Loan for inhabitants for the removal of asbestos

The municipality of Montferland wants to offer its residents a cheap loan so that they can remove asbestos roofs. The municipality may provide tens of thousands of euros for this. This arrangement is valid for the next 4 years if the municipal council approves the plan. That is what Walter Gerritsen, alderman of the municipality of Montferland tells us.

Remove asbestos with loan

The loan that the municipality will provide has many similarities with sustainability loans that consumers can take out with the bank. With a sustainability loan, people can finance energy-saving measures for a home. Alderman Gerritsen indicates that interest rates are very low nowadays. One can therefore also borrow cheap money from the bank for the removal of asbestos . He thinks that especially people who can not take out an extra loan with the bank, would like to make use of the municipality loan.

Asbestos removal stimulation scheme

The municipality has responded with the asbestos removal incentive scheme, as the initiative is called, to requests from private individuals and companies. Particularly in the outlying areas there is a demand for such support for roof owners with asbestos. In the outer areas there are still many storage rooms and stables in which asbestos is processed. All roofs with asbestos must be replaced before 2024 of the empire. The roofs would pose too great a risk for first of all the owners, but also of local residents and employees.

Use a subsidy scheme

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Do you have an asbestos roof and are you not a resident of the Montferland municipality? Then there are other ways to receive a helping hand financially. This way you can benefit from a special subsidy scheme from the government. You will receive a compensation of € 4.50 per meter from the state. The maximum reimbursement is € 25,000. However, for many owners of asbestos roofs, a subsidy alone is not enough. They have to borrow money. With the loan for the removal of asbestos roofs, the municipality wants to move its residents.