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What are private title loans?

On what basis are private title loans granted and who is their client the most? Are private title loans immediately safe? Why do some people opt for a title loan from a private investor instead of a simple non-bank title loan? The answer to this question is quite easy. Private investors lend money to people who can not apply for a title loan at banks and receive refusals from non-bank companies. It is logical, therefore, to apply for financing where debtor databases are not checked. That is from private persons.

What is the characteristic of a title loan from a private person?

Private title loans are usually handed out for small amounts for a short period of time. Usually no more than 2 or 3 thousand zlotys for 30 days . In addition, the interest they prefer is at least 50% of the amount of the weekend payment. Thanks to this, they do not bear too much risk per person, and at the same time are able to earn a decent percentage. And how do they hedge against defaults? Non-banking companies protect themselves from this by verifying the debtors’ databases and in the event that the client has a lot of unpaid obligations, they refuse him a title loan. A private person can not check it out.

Why are private title loans against collateral a frequent form of borrowing?

The standard method, apart from the ordinary civil law contract, and the blank promissory note is pledge. A pledge may be a car, flat or jewelry. Thanks to this, she can be sure that even in the case of non-repayment , she will be able to sell the item and recover the money . Of course, there are very few cases where you can find a private title loan without collateral. However, these are so rare cases that it is almost impossible to find such a person. This is for a very simple reason. Lack of repayment of title loans among people with bad bases is so high that they lose all their money in a short time and collapse business. Someone might say that they have a civil law contract, data from evidence, and a blank promissory note. Unfortunately, all these things are only suitable for the trash bin in the case of a person who has high debts . Why?

Private loans at your fingertips Private investor in practice

Imagine a situation in which Mr. Marek, an entrepreneur, with great success sold his last company. He made a lot, so he decided to try his hand in the title loan industry. He opened an office in which he granted title loans without verification in debtors’ databases. The interest rate was 50%, and the security was the aforementioned civil law agreement, a photograph of the proof, and a blank promissory note. “Sure business” thought Mr. Marek. “Even if I do not pay back the title loan, I will write the amount on the bill of exchange three times higher and I will earn a lot more”. So during the first week he borrowed all the money he had for this purpose . The following weeks passed, and with repayment, only a few people appeared in his office, from dozens who decided on a private title loan. “I am safe, I will get my money back with a large percentage.

What can a private investor do with unpaid title loans?

“I have contracts and bills,” Marek thought, and in his head he already counted the money he would make in this business. A month after the planned repayment date he could not stand anymore and he took his steps to the civil court, file a lawsuit against the first debtor who did not give him money on time. So he took a blank promissory note, a contract, and started a criminal case. A bailiff was assigned to the debtor. After a few months, he received a letter in which the bailiff informs him that his debtor, Mr. Janek is not working and owes several dozen thousand to other non-bank companies. There is also no property. And so the debt is bad and it is not possible to recover it. The rest of his debtors are in the same situation. So what was the lent title loan magnate Mr. Marek? He invested tens of thousands in business which according to the plan “could not go wrong”. And what did he stay with? With debtors from whom it is impossible to recover even 100 zlotys.

Contrary to appearances, there are more such stories. Simply put, this is the end of the vast majority of investors who lend without a specific security , such as gold, car or real estate. Unfortunately, unlike title loans, where the security is only a promissory note, ordinary private title loans for interest are irrelevant. Well, unless they are only given to people who know each other very well. So what do people who are looking for a private title loan have to do? Well, the simplest way out of the situation is to submit an application on our website. We also provide title loans to people with bad credit history. The advantages of our title loan are the lack of prepayments, a quick decision and the acceptance of clients with debt collection and bailiff debt.

Private title loans at your fingertips without prepayment

In addition to the above-described honest investors, there are also black sheep. Like some clients, some people are dishonest. What can the lender cheat on? A popular recent case to significantly inflate interest rates . For example, in the case of a real estate title loan, a dishonest person is able to use some of the provisions in the contract in such a way that the borrowed sum will be even several times higher if the customer wants to make a title loan. In this case, the most common way out is to sell a flat or evict from the lender.

Watch out for prepayments!

The next issue is prepayments . The last time it is even plague, if someone would like to look for an investor via the Internet. title loans are swindled on a variety of things. For insurance, for notary, for fuel. Unfortunately, in each of these cases, after sending the money, without seeing the investor before the eyes, it always ends with his disappearance. And for a careless borrower, it usually means more debts. In some cases, internet fraudsters also use stolen identity cards. They send them to the client to strengthen their credibility in his eyes. Also in this case, such situations should be avoided like a fire.

private loans from the hand Or maybe the private title loans exchange?

As the name suggests, there should be investors who want to borrow immediately. Nothing could be more wrong. It is on the private lending exchanges that frauds associated with extortion are the most common, as well as pastoralisation of already seriously injured persons. So, skip the stock exchange of private title loans with a wide arch . Probably no one got there and will not get a title loan.

So, would a potential investor issue an advertisement with the offer “I will grant a title loan for interest” or “I will grant a private title loan”? It is rather doubtful. Nobody will do that because it would be an ordinary shot in the knee. Therefore, if you are looking for a private title loan, do not look for offers on the Internet, because instead of a title loan to your hand, you will get more debts. We encourage you to submit an application on our website. With us everyone has a chance for a title loan.