Request miniature loan? The mini-loan is the most hated loan form!



The mini loan as a solution

The mini loan … No other loan raises as many questions as this one. He is hated by the AFM and is loved by a target group that does not grind for an interest rate method more or less. For them, the mini-loan is a godsend. This type of loan is characterized by a very short duration and the relatively small amounts that you can borrow at a time. A term of a few days up to a maximum of 1 month, that is normal for these small loans. The loan amounts vary from a few ten euros up to a maximum of 750 euros (and everything in between). More information about these minuscule loans can be found below.

Information and explanation about the mini-loan: What is it?

A mini loan is a super small loan that lends you money from a provider for a short period. Further on this page we tell you which mini loan providers you can go to in the Netherlands. You pay interest in the form of commission to the lender. And that commission can increase considerably as you do not keep the payment obligations. The mini-loan is suitable for consumers who need a small amount of money quickly and especially quickly.

4 advantages of minilening:

  1. Small amounts lend within a few hours, so that you can pay an important bill quickly or do your shopping this week.
  2. No BKR testing is done.
  3. No paperwork.
  4. You are not tied to a large long-term loan.

How quickly apply for flash credit without BKR testing?

Requesting a flash credit is very easy. It is therefore the most low-threshold form of borrowing money . It is special to note that these ‘credits’ are still eagerly deductible. And that despite the relatively high costs. If you want to borrow a few hundred euros quickly but you have a negative BKR, you can not get a loan from any credit company in the Netherlands. Except for providers of mini-credits. After all, they are not participants of the BKR and can therefore absolutely not perform BKR testing. Urgent borrowing with a negative BKR registration, that is possible with them.

100, 200, 500 euros to borrow without payslip

Do you need money as quickly as possible and is a standing credit or a small personal loan is not an option for you, because you only have a small amount left? You can already close a small loan from € 100 up to € 750. Are you temporarily unemployed? Borrowing money without payroll is only possible with some mini lenders. With them you can apply for a loan quickly and easily without too much paperwork. You do not have to send a copy of your payslip. However, borrowing a few hundred euros as soon as possible is not possible for everyone. Below we tell you a bit more about the conditions you have to meet.

Borrowing conditions small amount of money:

  • You have Dutch nationality.
  • The money is deposited into a Dutch bank account.
  • You are 18 years or older. Students can not borrow.
  • You have a fixed income.
  • Borrowing with a benefit or temporary employment is not possible.
  • You can only request 1 mini-loan at a time.

Interest and costs of a mini loan

What are the costs of a mini credit ? You must in any case take into account an interest rate of converted a maximum of 13.99%. But beware: It may be that the total costs are higher. There are extra costs for a mandatory guarantee. This guarantee is only required if you can not find someone who wants to stand surety for you (a guarantor). If you have debts, then taking out such a small loan is unwise. You could continue to work with this in the nests. Always look for help in the case of debts, for example debt assistance . Meanwhile, you can search for cheaper alternatives of ‘borrowing a bit of money quickly’.

Good alternatives for mini-loans and flash credits

There are indeed cheaper alternatives. You may, for example, consider applying for a credit on your current account with your bank. You can then stand a little in the red (often up to € 500). Standing in the red for two or three months is still cheaper than taking out a mini-credit. A good possibility is also to borrow with collateral. Do you need cash quickly? Then try to sell used items through websites such as Marktplaats!

Are these different types of loans?

No. A loan credit is simply a mini loan (or vice versa). These are just different names for the same type of lan- guage. Other names for this are also:

  • minicredit;
  • emergency loan;
  • SMS credit;
  • flash loan;
  • borrow mini.

With all these credits, you can borrow a maximum of a few hundred euros and you only have a few weeks to pay it back.

The history

When the first mini-loan was officially offered on the internet, that is not entirely clear to us. We can not possibly figure out that history. However, it is known to us that the AFM and the National Government were already feverishly looking for a solution in 2008 to apply the maximum credit compensation for these loans as well. In that period, the treatment costs were also exorbitantly high. This came down to an interest rate of up to 600 percent on an annual basis for most suppliers.

All flash and mini loan providers 2017

There are only a few mini-loan providers active in the Netherlands. Incidentally, they work from abroad (the UK, to be precise). The best known and still active providers of flash credits are Saldodipje and Ferratum.