Seniors can take out new type of loan by using the surplus value of their house to make their home more comfortable and safer

The SVn has introduced a new type of loan. Since recently, seniors can take out this loan and use the surplus value of their house to make their home more comfortable and safer. This allows them to live longer in their home and they do not have to move. The loan is called the ‘Silver Loan’.

Silver loans

Stichting Stimuleringfonds Volkshuisvesting is the fund that also offers start-up loans . By verzilverleningen offering hope municipalities in the Netherlands that older people choose to continue living independently. The fund also wants to encourage seniors to use the loan to make their homes more sustainable.

Silver loan is a residential loan

 The Silver Loan is in fact just a residential loan (mortgage loan). This means that the surplus value of a owner-occupied home is used to determine the loan amount. The advantage of these housing loans is that the applicant does not have to pay interest during the term of the loan. Nor does the borrower have to repay during the term. Thanks to these special loans, you get extra financial space, making it possible to make adjustments to a home.

When to repay?

You do not have to pay off the Silver Loan until the property has been sold or after the owner has died. That is what SVn writes. Incidentally, the Silver Loan has agreements with the Consumer Loan .


Seniors usually have their assets in their homes. Because a large proportion of the elderly have insufficient income, it is not always possible for them to take out a regular loan. With the Cash Loans, the assets used in the home are used. Still, there are still enough seniors who can borrow money, but do not dare to invest their assets in adjustments to a home. For example, they are afraid that in the future they will not be able to absorb the rising energy prices and / or healthcare costs. For these people, the Silver Loan could also be a good solution, according to Jan Willen van Beek of SVn.